Learn English in Vienna!

Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form to make a free appointment for a detailed consultation. Together we will find out your right level and can start planning your course immediately! Beside the individual placement we will also have a look at the different funding opportunities in order to help you save money.

Free Placementtest

The more precise your placement the bigger your learning success.  Our consultants will find your current level – it only takes an hour! A short call is enough to arrange an appointment so that we can give you a better idea about your current English level. 

Non-committal consultation

Benefit from the experience of a thousand consultations. Your target is our standard- we provide you with the details: course duration, costs and the amount of lessons needed.

P.S. We can also give you information about different educational fundings to make it easier for you to decide which course to take.

Training concept for companies and individuals

We create customised concepts to train your staff members as effectively and as targeted as possible. The placement and concept creation is free, and non-committal. We will be happy to support your staff during the course and send monthly company reports , so you can check your staff`s  learning progress and stay strong in job competition.

Simply give us a call! We're looking forward to hearing from you!