Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

With the services we offer – the conveyance of the English language as well as conducting English language examinations – we create added value for our customers.

By assisting our customers in improving their English language skills, we support them in finding their way, in their professional environment as well as in their private lives, in our interconnected, globalised world with its complex requirements of communication skills. Globally recognised English language certificates help our customers achieve their career objectives.

The commitment of our staff, in addition to technological and methodological factors, are the prerequisites for the learning success of our customers. We are aware that a high level of self-motivation, combined with best possible working conditions and mutual appreciation amongst our staff, are necessary to create an ideal environment from which our customers benefit.

Ongoing critical reflection of our actions and the willingness to take on new challenges reflect our fundamental attitude.

Not only do we focus on the achievement of economical company goals, but also on customer satisfaction and the creation of a professional teaching and learning environment which meets the demands of further education settings.