Preparation Centres

Dear Teachers,

When you enter students for Cambridge English exams with us, your organisation automatically becomes a Cambridge English preparation centre and gains access to many benefits:

Exam dates and fees

Being a preparation centre, all your students automatically pay EUR 20,- less per exam!

Flexibility is important, so we offer you and your candidates regular exam dates throughout the year (both computer-based and paper-based). You will find an overview of our upcoming exam dates here:

Marketing and branding

Cambridge Assessment English will give you access to leaflets, posters, videos, presentations and other useful material. There are also certificates and logos available to show that you prepare students for Cambridge English Qualifications.

Exam preparation

Cambridge Assessment English have developed a huge variety of learning materials, so your students can improve their English both inside and outside the classroom.

Teacher training

Cambridge Assessment English support teachers every step of the way, ensuring they have the skills and confidence they need to teach in the most effective way possible, and the qualifications to prove it.

Please find more useful information as well as the abovementioned material for preparation centres here:

Register candidates for exams

If you would like to register students for one or more exam dates, please just let us know your preferred dates and the approximate number of candidates upfront, so we can reserve places for your organisation. You have the choice between a group registration (you complete a registration form with all relevant candidate data, collect the fees from your candidates and make a collective payment to us) or a single candidate registration (you distribute registration forms to your candidates, the rest of the registration process as well as the exam fee payment takes place directly between your candidates and our institute).

Exam results and celebrating success

As soon as exam results are available (computer-based exams: 2.5-3 weeks / paper-based exams: 6-9 weeks), we will automatically inform you as well as your candidates about the results by sending the Statement of Result by email. As soon as we have received the certificates from the UK (which takes another couple of weeks), your candidates can either collect them individually from our institute or we can arrange a certificate ceremony at your institution and officially hand out the certificates to your candidates.

Teachers can also access the detailed results of their students online via

We look forward to working with you!